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Meals, Meal Plans and Catering

Commissary Miami, is an eatery-cantina which focuses on everyday healthy gourmet meals prepared fresh daily.

You can either EAT IN or GRAB AND GO individual healthy meals from our local kitchen in North Miami.

For those of you looking for a more consistent health regimen, SIGN UP for our weekly Meal Plans that are available in PALEO & NON-PALEO cooking and help you to reach your goals to stay fit and active. Our WEEKLY MENUS are selected by the chef based on many different styles of culinary cultures to keep the food interesting yet simple.

The flavors are bold and clean which means the meals are not drenched in flour, butter, cream sauces or deep fried. We use a variety of house mixed spices for our rubs and zesty citrus, fruitful wines and fresh scented herbs to marinate. We cook with great oils such as coconut, safflower, avocado, grape seed, certain nut oils and fine olive oil.

Hosting a larger event, we offer affordable CATERING for residential and corporate events. We’ll work with you to develop a menu that fits your needs and your budget.

Individual Meals

Pick up individual meals at our local kitchen in North Miami
$14.00 - Individual Meals
$8.50 - Breakfast
$4.50 - Sides


Meal Plans

Available in PALEO & NON-PALEO
Starts at $150 per week



Commissary Miami's kitchen caters to private parties & corporate lunches & events.
Available in Paleo and non-Paleo



Commissary Miami is  OPEN FOR LUNCH in order to offer quick and easy healthy food alternatives. See our menu below.